June Recap

Post date: Jul 22, 2014 11:55:08 PM

We had another great turnout for our June meeting hosted by Marty. We also got a look at his newly up and running electric brew system...very cool! Thanks again to Marty and his lovely wife for the delicious palate-cleansing snacks.

The meeting kicked off with the Pale Ale yeast experiment tasting. We had 9 variations of Josh’s award-winning pale ale recipe with a different yeast for each: Thames Valley, Belgian Wit, Pacman (2 variations), American Ale Yeast 2, Nottingham, S-05, San Diego Super Yeast, and Kolsch, which really drove home the importance of yeast selection.

We had 14 malters in attendance including another new face (Matt aka “think outside the box Matt”) that joined us in sharing homebrews including Marty’s 2 German Pilsners with ale and lager yeasts, 2 ciders, Josh’s IPA and a coffee porter/stout, Matt’s Black Tea dry-hopped with Blueberries, a 3-bean beer, and Dave and Brian’s IPA. A few commercial beers were also shared including Broad Brook’s Pink Dragon Wit and an Italian beer called Raphael.

July’s meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 1st, watch for the email invite soon. July’s style: IPA.

Brew on!