June 2012 Meeting

Post date: Jul 3, 2012 3:08:55 AM

Last Thursday we met at Chris Sheehan's new restaurant, The Place in Cheshire. We had our typical turnout of 12 people even though three of our regulars could not make it. We also gave out the brew kits for our Wit and ESB brew off, where several of us brew the same beer with one addition or alteration then match then against each other (hopefully in July, but probably at our August meeting).

We had three new permanent members and one special guest (Rich from Brew and Wine in E Hartford. who may join us, we'll see, fingers crossed). We met at The Place in Cheshire, which worked our great and it looks like we are going to meet there again in July, then maybe do a group brew at Brew and Wine's new place in August, but those plans are still a bit foggy.

If you have not joined, please do so at Middlesex Malters Google Group. We will also send out invitations to all the emails we have one more time. We have close to 30 people who have signed up either here or on the website, but only about 15 on the google group. We also have 18 people who signed up at the Chester Beer tasting, so hopefully we can convert more of those folks.