July Recap

Post date: Aug 30, 2014 1:32:53 PM

Who said our meetings have to start at 7 and end at 9? ...or even that we have to have a meeting at all?...probably the wives of the club who wear the pants and make sure Marty and Ryan are pampered at home while the rest of us continue our dedication to great homebrew...some have to do it I guess. We cleaned this up a lot!...your ears must have been burning guys. :-) All seriousness aside, the notes got a little bit sloppy for some strange reason, but we tried to gather the events of the July (August 1st) meeting. Brian & Dave hosted and made pulled pork for sandwiches to help get through the large amount of various beers.

As expected, there was an excellent showing of both homebrewed and commercial IPA’s. Wayne was eager to share his delicious IPA hopped with Centennial and Simcoe, Dave and Brian shared their Independence Day IPA as well as a clone of Cigar City’s Humidor IPA, , Chris brought an IPA with Columbus, Cascade and Centennial, dry hopped with Cascade and Centennial, Jim brought a Citra IPA as well as the same IPA dry hopped with Motueka, Matt shared an interesting Quinoa and Yam IPA, and Mike brought a DIPA with Cascade hops. On the commercial side there was Vegemite Sandwich from Beer’d brewing company, a Mango IPA from Breaker Brewing Company, Hercules DIPA from Great Divide, Toxic sludge from Blue Point, and Summer Ale from Back East. Needless to say our palates were shot at this point...of course that doesn’t stop us from trying to taste.

13 malters (including one more new face joining in... Welcome Kevin) made the journey to Middletown for this meeting and shared quite a variety of other beers including a Bier de garde Anosteke from Wayne, A Pilsner and a Saison from Bill, a coffee porter from Jim, a Swedish imperial stout, and a Hoften Dormaal amber belgian ale from Thad, an Apple pie and a sour mash beer from Matt and Jeff brought a New Holland White Hatter Belgian white pale ale.