Holiday Party! December 2012

Post date: Feb 15, 2013 8:56:57 AM

We had the party at Brew and Wine Hobby in E. Hartford. These guys have a great operation and their new place is huge! If you have not, you've got to go visit. They really support the Homebrew scene in the state and we should all support them. The owners even joined us for the fun, and brought some of their own homebrew; good stuff!

We had the Yankee Swap and beer trade, and that was a good time. Always fun to leave the even with more beer than you came with ;-) There was good food, and great beer. We really have a great core of guys who have been coming to almost every meeting. We always have 10 or more guys at the meetings even when it is cold and Christmas is around the corner. We always welcome more, even if you have not brewed yet.

Come one, come all!