August Recap

Post date: Sep 13, 2014 11:09:13 PM

It was the season for Saisons, and clearly the Middlesex Malters were excited. We had 11 attendees this time including yet another new member (Welcome Jesse) and a fantastic showing of saisons, both commercial and homebrewed. Thank you Bill (and Becca) for hosting again and providing the life-saving snacks and homemade pickles. If anyone can fix Bill’s window, he’ll gladly pay you in beer (I think).

Wayne kicked off the saison meeting with 3 of his homebrews each with a slight variation, they were all quite good. Dave and Brian shared their Act Natural Saison as well as Kentucky’s second iteration of Dead Guy in the Attic Saison, and Jeff and Brian brought their Saison Blanc. On the commercial side, Jesse was kind to share his Hill Farmstead Arthur as well as Jack D’Or from Pretty Things, Brian and Dave brought Saison Various from Harpoons 100 Barrel Series, Chris E. brought a Saison Dupont and an Allagash Hennepin and Jeff and Brian brought Le Merle from North Coast Brewing.

Following the marathon of saisons, we were ready to move on. Jesse had a very nice Equinox IPA and Chris had 2 versions of his IPA, one carbed in the keg and the other in a growler, Paul had his cider and a stout?, Brian and Dave brought their award-winning Tribute to Silenus IPA, Chris shared a Jack’s Abbey Jabby Brau and Bob (“Mr I can’t take all these Saisons, can we open some IPAs?”) shared a Captain Lawrence IPA. These paired very well will Bill’s homemade pickles and we had the rare opportunity to be entertained by Christie (Bill’s co-worker...we’ll leave it at that), but 2:30am rolls around pretty quickly, marking the end of the August meeting.

The September meeting is confirmed for Friday, September 26th in Middletown at the Speakeasy, look for the email invite. September’s style: Oktoberfest and the Tea experiment.

Brew on!