Programs & Events

September 28, 2013
Club brew day!   We had a good turnout and brews several beers amongst us.  It was an all day affair, with members coming and going all day.  It started with some small beers in the morning, moving up to an Double IPA in the afternoon.  We had a good time sharing some new techniques.  It is great seeing how everyone does things a little differently and even those of us who have been brewing for many years can learn a lot from working with each other.  

June 8, 2013 - Chester Beer and Wine tasting redux
Once again we had a great turnout for the tasting .  We have become a regular booth for them and they now look to us to provide a good time.  I look forward to more fun at next year's event.

June 2, 2012  -  Middlesex Malters at the Chester Beer and Wine Tasting

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Wow!  We had a great time at the Chester Beer and Wine Tasting.  There were about 5 breweries, 5 wineries, and several craft people with items like jewelry, bread, olive oil, paintings.   There was a mellow acoustic band who was set up right next to us, but we could still talk to people.  Most of the exhibitors were inside, but we had one of 4 tables outside, and were placed right next to
The Olde Burnside Brewing Company.  We seemed to hold our own with the pros with people coming by all evening.  We were even the table who was open the longest with a crowd the whole time. 

We even got several new people to sign up, we will see who of them show up over the next few months.  We will continue to reach out to that mailing list for a few months to give them to opportunity to join us and help us grow the community

Club Meeting; May 24 7pm, Eli Cannon's Trading Post

The turn out was a bit low for this pre-Memorial Day meeting.  But we have a good time and planned how we would represent the club at the up coming Chester Beer and Wine Testing.  They say there will be over 300 people at this, so not a huge event, but a nice size to introduce the fun of Home Brew to.

Second gathering of the Middlesex Malters - February 9, 2012

We had a great time at the meeting.  11 people showed up, more than doubling from the first month.  We had more beer than we could taste in the evening.  Thanks every one for making this a great group.

Brew on!